The unnoticed impact of business travel

For a lot of businesses, big meetings are always going to be necessary but there are always ways to cut costs and make it fit into the employee’s life better.

Our approach to Smarter working has led us to fundamentally review a shift in our DNA, looking at our people, process and technology offering.

In our report "The unnoticed impact of business travel", we share our insight into how businesses can think smartly to ensure that travelling for business is effective for everyone involved, and how considering the wider smarter working picture is vital.

Report: The impact of business travel

To help your business to consider the wider Smarter working picture and effectiveness when it comes to travelling for business, download our report on the unnoticed impact of business travel.



Download our infographic summarising the unnoticed impact of business travel.

Download the infographic

Survey results: The impact of business travel

We asked people who already travel for business their experiences and how it has negatively impacted them. Read the highlights from our survey.


"For employees that travel often, it’s important to keep an eye on their mental and physical health and take steps to manage their workload to mitigate any of the potential downsides of travel."

Jonti Dalal-Small, Behavioural Psychologist