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9 October 2018

Big spaces: 6 legendary sporting venues

Need extra space for your event? How about hosting it at an iconic and inspirational sporting venue? Here's a selection to get you started…

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8 October 2018

How to pack the perfect travel bag

If anyone is going to know how best to pack a suitcase, it’s Richard Krulik, CEO of luggage company Briggs & Riley. He shares his advice.

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4 October 2018

5 ways to minimise risk in business travel

From education to technology and more, meet your duty of care and keep your travellers safe with Trevor Elswood’s top tips.

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3 October 2018

How I travel: Anthony Svirskis, CEO TRIBE

We asked seasoned business traveller to share his trip tips, rituals and must-haves that help him arrive refreshed at his destination.

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3 October 2018

Spotlight on Birmingham: hotels, venues and more

As a powerful player in the UK's automotive, tech and banking sectors, it's fast becoming a city of choice in which to do business.

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24 September 2018

The difference between mobile and e-ticketing?

We look at the different tickets types and how to make the right choice when buying rail tickets for business travel.

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6 September 2018

Nudging employees to do the right thing for everyone

Our CEO and Head of Behavioural Science, and Direct Line Group, talk about ‘nudge theory’ and achieving compliance, savings and more.

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3 September 2018

Our mission is to help businesses work, meet and travel smarter

By mixing tech, behavioural science and expertise, we offer the perfect solution for savvy businesses explains James Parkhouse.

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