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21 November 2018 by Steve Banks

Steve Banks discusses our partnership with GlobalStar and how it delivers in-country travel and meeting solutions.

Our partnership with GlobalStar Travel Management allows us to deliver in-country travel and meetings solutions to UK organisations with growing international office locations.

With a network in over 85 countries, GlobalStar is an expert in its market, deploying the best technology and management to deliver uncompromised local solutions within a global framework.

Why us

Our approach creates recognisable advantage of the specialist in the delivery of Smarter buying – where time and time again customers joining us were instantly accessing better prices, quality and spend visibility through compliance of spend.

For companies buying on an International multi-market basis, our strategy provides UK market expertise and booking services alongside a single global contract, multi-region consolidated data, global account management expertise, access to incredible discounted air fare types through cutting edge solutions, and local emergency support.

Multi-regional MI

Our partnership with GlobalStar allows us to integrate data in order to provide our customers with a ‘one view’ MI solution. This is great, because it still offers a high-level view of analytics, value and assistance, tailored exactly to your business needs

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