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What a TMC can do for you: 5 benefits of 24/7 support

11 April 2018 by Gail Bamforth

In the first in a series of articles highlighting the skills a TMC should provide for you, we look at the value of out-of-hours support.

1. We help travellers wherever they are in the world

The Capita Travel and Events team can help with all aspects of travel, from hiring a car to amending an existing booking. While the service is based in the UK, Capita recognises that our travellers are worldwide and we have to be available to support them at any time. For example, if a business traveller urgently needs to return home from another country because of a family emergency, we are there at the end of the phone. The team can rearrange existing flights or, if there isn’t a direct flight available immediately, we can look at alternatives. There can also be incidents in the UK. Say someone goes to London for a meeting and then decides to stay overnight. They can phone us and we can organise a hotel for them.

2. It’s there when the unexpected happens

Our team of experts provides support in those crisis moments and are incredibly dedicated. During the snowstorms in March, we had a number of people stranded in Dublin when the airport closed without any notice. The team had to find them accommodation for an extra two nights and organise return travel. This wasn’t necessarily through the airport they had originally travelled through, as many of those airports were also closed. Many of our employees volunteered to stay in a hotel near Capita’s office so they could come into work the next day and support our travellers. Some even walked for an hour in the snow to get to work.

3. We can track your employees during a security incident

Unfortunately, we’ve had more and more incidents of terrorism in the past 12 months. We can identify if we have any people travelling in the vicinity of a security incident, make sure they are safe, contact them and send text messages with numbers to call if they need help. We can also help in rearranging meetings. After the bombing in Manchester, we identified customers who had a conference in the area the next day and contacted them to let them know the meeting had been rearranged.

4. Out-of-hours support is cost-effective

Out-of-hours support helps employers to fulfil their duty of care to employees; they know they are in safe hands. Employers also know that we will make sure that any emergency travel is both cost-effective and timely. If employees are stranded in an airport, they’re not going to book a first-class seat on the first flight out; they will phone us instead and we will always be cost-conscious while ensuring the safety of travellers.

5. 24/7 support can reduce stress

We provide business travellers with a safety net. Many employees, especially those going to meetings and conferences, might not travel that much and they are often travelling on their own, so they need reassurance that someone is there if something goes wrong. Employers also have a responsibility to reduce stress. If a flight is cancelled, for example, it can be stressful for an employee; 24/7 support helps, as you are not expecting employees to make alternative arrangements themselves. It’s hassle free and seamless.

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