Smarter Working

Changing the mindset

How to help travellers, bookers and organisations think and choose better.

Our approach to Smarter working has led us to fundamentally review a shift in our DNA, looking at our people, process and technology offering.

With the ability to analyse data and apply knowledge we’re able to act on what we call actionable insight. This can be used to positively influence behaviours in a way that creates better quality and value in service.

For a full report on Smarter working and how we can help your travellers and bookers think and choose better, download our white paper.

What is Smarter working?

Travel is about much more than getting employees from A to B, and that savings are not just financial. Business travel should fulfil wider organisational objectives, such as productivity, connectivity, health and safety and wellbeing.

But, changing mindsets means changing behaviours. For example, challenging unnecessary travel saves both money and enhances wellbeing.

Our approach to Smarter working enables us to help organisations understand the unnoticed impact of travel. In our report "The unnoticed impact of business travel", we share our insight into how businesses can think smartly to ensure that travelling for business is effective for everyone involved, and how considering the wider smarter working picture is vital.

Unnoticed impact of travel

The principles

Smarter working is approached through three principles:

  1. Reducing or avoiding unnecessary travel and meetings.
  2. Enabling people to make conscious decisions about how they meet, and the best way to travel to and from those meetings.
  3. If travel is necessary, promote decisions that are based on cost and value, with safety and wellbeing at the centre of all decisions.

Smarter working in 90 seconds


White paper: Changing the Mindset

To find out how we can help your travellers and bookers think and choose better, download our white paper on Smarter working.


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