Say hello to iris.

iris is our innovative suite of digital products that empowers informed decision making at every step of the planning and booking process, enabling organisations to reduce costs and help employees to work smarter.


From an interactive, intuitive and responsively designed booking tool to transparent management information (MI), your travellers, bookers and managers have everything they need for smarter travel and meetings.


An intuitive web based portal providing central access to information and booking platforms.

Our mobile itinerary application that provides access to relevant information to support.

iris:smart intinerary
All your travel details, in one place. No matter how the booking has been made, each traveller recieves an easy to read travel itinerary with all the information they need for their trip.

Our online management information (MI) capabilities provides up to date, accurate data helps improve decision making by analysing trends and forecasting the future.

iris:intelligent tracking
Our proprietary online traveller tracking technology enables us to accurately monitor and report on traveller whereabouts.

Meetings optimiser
Our clever calculator style tool that shows the total estimated cost of a meeting.


iris is your gateway to an intelligent suite of technology and a personal travel assistant in the palm of your hands - there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.


Search, plan and book
A complete travel portal encourages positive behaviours, cost savings and increased productivity.

Intelligent planning
A smart itinerary combines all booking information into one simple to view itinerary.

Arrange meetings
Locate the best place to meet and travel, improve use of internal meeting space and more.

Data insights
Instant access to insights anywhere, anytime with report filters and data analysis.


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