Every day, we help 12,000 travellers book the right accommodation, at the right time, for the best value

We book over three million rooms every year and have access to over 300,000 hotels, guesthouses, budget properties, and serviced apartments globally. 

Over 40% of the properties on our system are independent, meaning we offer more choice than agencies solely reliant on a Global Distribution System (GDS) through which hotel rooms sell rooms.

Scalable savings

Whatever you spend on accommodation, we can make you significant savings against standard market rates without loss of quality.

Through our strong supplier relationships and buying power, we undertake customer rate negotiations with 180 global chains every year. Analysis shows that customer negotiated rates are 19% to 31% lower than online travel agencies and leisure sites.

A focus on the traveller

If you choose to book online, our hotel technology is unique and allows us to customise it to help manage your costs, programme, compliance and policy.

Our Traveller First programme provides exclusive access to a range of value added benefits, and thanks to our traveller tracking and security tool your travellers can be located quickly in emergencies.

Rate availability

We negotiate an ‘allocation’ of over one million rooms every year to guarantee availability of rooms at your negotiated rates.

By securing lower rates, you can benefit from any discounted prices which may apply. By doing so, we secure the right price at the right time without an increase in your average room rates, saving our customers between 7% and 32% on hotel spend every year.

Better value

Collecting over 95% of hotel commission versus 40% industry average, we help you benefit from fee offset models or revenue income through rebates. With detailed management information data you can make informed decisions on which suppliers and travellers you need to influence.

Compliant payment

We have flexible payment capabilities which are fully compliant with HMRC regulations.

Download: Accommodation takeaway

For more information about the value we give our customers through our expertise, industry knowledge and experience with hotels, serviced appartments, guest houses and budget properties, download our accommodation takeaway.


Serviced apartments

When a hotel room, just won't do

Through our collaborative partnership with Silverdoor, we can provide a worldwide serviced apartment sourcing service, providing you with more choice, space and home comforts whilst away on business - an ideal solution for project-driven requirements, relocations and general business trips.  

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Bringing it all to life

Our specialists will always go that one step further to ensure we deliver the best possible service to meet your needs and wants. Find out what our customers and experts say about managing accommodation.

Success stories

Communicating effectively in a crisis

Combining expert knowledge, technology and compassion, with effective communication to help support travellers’ safety and welfare in a crisis.

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Expert insights

Could staying local be good for your business?

Take a look at some of the reasons why buyers should consider including independent hotels and venues in their travel programmes...

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News and insights

Capita Travel and Events launch Smarter Working

Capita Travel and Events' approach enables businesses to avoid unnecessary travel and meetings spend, achieve best value and optimise traveller welfare.

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