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Easy rail delay repay for businesses and TMCs

Railguard monitors UK rail travel booked by organisations through a third party TMC for eligible delay repay claims. Railguard submits eligible claims to the relevant train company for approval and payment returning compensation to the organisation through it's TMC.

Through existing regulation called Delay Repay it is possible to claim compensation for delayed rail travel in the UK. Typically the threshold for compensation is 30mins, however by 2025 this will be reduced to 15min across the whole UK rail network. Railguard estimate that between 3%-7% of an organisations annual rail spend could be claimed back in eligible delay repay claims.

Value this partnership adds to our customers

Through our partnership with Railguard we can now provide our customers with opportunities to save money and improve value by proactive identification of eligible claims, alerting travellers that compensation is due and as a result making travel budgets stretch further.

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